Gornik Leczna fans cause trouble at fifth-tier match

Gornik Leczna fans caused trouble during their reserve team’s away match against Unia Hrubieszow in the Polish fifth division on Sunday.

There were a combined group of 200 Gornik Leczna, Motor Lublin and Chelmianka Chelm lads present at the game in the town of Hrubieszow.

Trouble erupted in the first half when two Gornik Leczna fans invaded the running track surrounding the pitch and headed towards the section of the ground housing Unia’s active support to pinch a flag. Several Unia fans jumped onto the running track and charged at them, throwing punches.

That sparked a pitch invasion by about 60 visiting fans, with the referee halting play. The visiting fans immediately rushed to the home support section to attack Unia fans but their opponents fled from them.

Unia Hrubieszow fans punch a Gornik Leczna fan.

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