Trouble flares at GKS Tychy-Ruch game

GKS Tychy’s home match against Ruch Chorzów was briefly halted on Saturday because of trouble in the stands.

Trouble broke out during the second half of the match. A group of GKS Tychy fans attempted to attack Ruch fans who paraded a stolen GKS Tychy flag in their end.

The home fans appeared to be running towards the Ruch end but riot cops were able to step in before anything got too serious. However, some of the GKS Tychy fans broke seats and began throwing them at cops who created a buffer zone between the rival fans. One GKS Tychy fan also ran across the corner of the pitch towards the away fans in an attempt to get the flag but was grabbed by a steward.

Two fans were arrested, according to local media reports.

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