Bastia v Lyon abandoned after home fans attack Lyon players

Bastia’s Ligue 1 match against Lyon at the Armand Cesari stadium was abandoned at half-time on Sunday after fans from the Corsican side twice invaded the pitch to confront opposition players.

The game was initially delayed by nearly an hour after a group of Bastia fans invaded the pitch and attacked the away team’s players during their warm-up, forcing Lyon’s players to flee the pitch.

The incident occurred after Bastia fans allegedly threw balls at Lyon reserve goalkeeper Mathieu Gorgelin as he warmed up.

He and Lyon forward Memphis Depay started throwing them back, which resulted in angry Bastia fans storming the pitch.

The Lyon players returned to the pitch nearly 40 minutes later and the match eventually kicked off.

Trouble flared again at half-time, with the score 0-0, when several Bastia fans ran onto the pitch and confronted Lyon’s goalkeeper Anthony Lopes heading into the changing room.

The game was eventually called off because safety couldn’t be guaranteed.

It comes just three days after Lyon and Besiktas fans clashed at the Parc OL.

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