Football Beasts: An inside look at Europe’s football hooligan subculture

“Football Beasts”, a new RT documentary on football hooligans in Europe that was released on Wednesday.

They’re known as football hooligans. They relish in the thrill of battle and prepare for it. In some places, there are rudimentary rules for fights, in other ‘old school’ countries there are none. The members of these violent gangs fancy themselves comrades in arms defending the honour of their city’s football club. But most people consider them nothing but a bunch of beasts.
Videos and photos of hordes of football hooligans on the rampage have been front and centre in the press in recent years. However, little has emerged about who these people are, or why they behave the way they do. In this behind the scenes look into the world of hooliganism, you’ll meet some of these violent individuals and find out what makes them tick.
In the end, it would seem, love of the fight trumps love of the game.

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