Riots break out in Naples before Napoli v Eintracht Frankfurt

Naples descended into chaos on Wednesday evening as hooligans battled with police ahead of Napoli’s Champions League tie with Eintracht Frankfurt.

Fans of the German club had been banned from attending the game at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium amid security fears, but hundreds of hardcore Eintracht fans nevertheless arrived in the city.

Eintracht Frankfurt hooligans march on the streets of Naples.

Several hours before kick-off, a huge mob of Eintracht Frankfurt hooligans descended on the Piazza del Gesu Nuovo in the centre of Naples, with a heavy police presence on hand. Then a group of about 130 Napoli hooligans appeared and violence and chaos ensued.

Several cars, including one police car, were set on fire and riot cops came under attack with flares, chairs and other objects as the two groups tried to get at each other.

After the situation was calmed, the German fans were put on buses and driven to their hotels.

Eight people – five Italians and three Germans – have so far been arrested.

Around 800 cops were deployed on the streets of the Italian city.

A police car was set on fire.

Napoli fans attack a bus carrying Eitracht Frankfurt fans.

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