Osijek fans clash with police after defeat to Lokomotiva Zagreb

Osijek fans clashed with police after their team lost to Lokomotiva Zagreb in the last game of the Croatian First League season on Saturday.

Fans were barred from attending the match due to coronavirus, but about 2,000 Osijek fans gathered outside the Gradski vrt Stadium to watch the match on a big screen.

Lokomotiva Zagreb beat Osijek 2-1 to finish second in the league with 65 points and also qualify for the Champions League. Osijek finished fourth with 62 points, which means the team will play in the Europa League qualifying rounds.

The gathered fans were furious as their side failed to get a Champions League spot. Some of them tried to force their way into the ground, clashing with police.

Flares and other objects were thrown at cops, who responded with tear gas.

At least three people have been arrested so far.


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